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About us 

Angèle and Kiwi le chien have been a fun and energetic French teaching team under the name of Bonjour Kiwi !!! since 2009. They started off creating lively and effective French classes for preschoolers in parent and toddler groups, preschools, and primary schools in Manhattan, New York.


These classes became a favorite with parents as they saw just how quickly and effortlessly their children began to pick up basic French phrases. Their unique and entertaining style created a place where parents, children and teachers could be inspired to learn another language and then practice using it together, while being a little bit silly at the same time!


The goal of BONJOUR KIWI !!!... is to give children the desire
and the love of learning French while having fun, and by giving them the
opportunity to interact with others, and to discover new worlds and horizons
through various activities adapted to their level of development. 

Our immersion program is very interactive and sensory based. We use puppets, flashcards, props and instruments to encourage the children to participate and have fun. This excitement makes learning easy and natural!
From the time that the world is opened to our children, the early training of a
second language can only enrich their lives !


At BONJOUR KIWI !!!...   your child will:

*Learn a foreign language

*Make developmental strides

*Gain an appreciation for the French culture

*Make new friends in the class!

"I have been taking my son to the BONJOUR KIWI French class from infant to toddler. It has been such an incredible experience to watch the kids sing, dance, learn and most of all grow together. Angèle is so enthusiastic and keeps the children's attention with care and commitment. Coming from a French family, I am very impressed with the way she teaches French to the kids."
-Nathalie and Capeton Bruwer (16 mo)


"Our daughter loves her French class! It is no doubt, thanks to Miss Angèle who
is exceptionally good with children. Each week Miss Angèle prepares them a
mixture of songs and interactive games. Everyone participates and the children
enjoy, while learning their first words in French."

-Lara, Olivia (2 y.o) 

"There are certain people that are blessed with a
gift and even more blessed when they know how to share it ... Angele is one of
them. Once my son, Cielo enters the class he enters a world of fun, loving,
learning experiences. It is mindfully prepared and yet she is always open to
how the children are feeling that day and their needs. We are ever so thankful
for having Angele as our french teacher" 

-Zofia (Cielo, 4 ans)

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